"Only the harmony between science and nature will allow us to leave a better world as a legacy"

BKA and Mother Nature

at style service

BKA’s commitment to research and development of professional hair care products has lasted for many years.

These products are born from the fusion of science and technology, and are inspired by the oldest natural remedies handed down over the centuries until today.

With the help of nature and a careful observation of the social and cultural transformations of humanity, BKA provides industry professionals with the tools to follow and reinterpret the natural evolution of style.

Bka Italia was born from the dream of Stefano Bertini, a businessman from Prato who has dedicated his life to making professional hair products, to help hairdressers and professionals to protect and improve the health of their skin and hair.



First part of compound words whose meaning is “life”, “living being”, “living”


Behavioral science which, by regulating human actions, in accordance with the moral law, is aimed at the achievement of the good; The complex of moral convictions of an individual or a group in the correct and honest fulfillment of his profession.