Haircare studies have highlighted the benefits of certain natural substances that counteract the loss of hair. It is thanks to these discoveries that METHOD di Almahera was created; a line of products based on plant derivatives that respects the environment and rejuvenate your hair…


Every cell of living organisms, whether it be animal or vegetable, is “specialized” and it carries out a specific function for the duration of its life. Stem cells are not yet specialized and can therefore transform themselves and generate new tissues; they interact with skin and hair cells and fight cellular aging effectively while maintaining the regenerating power of the hair bulb.
According to dermatological science, hair growth occurs in the anagen phase which lasts 2 to 6 years, and the daily rate of growth is on average 0.35 mm per day. Basically hair grows from 1,2 to 1 cm per month depending on the person.

Secondo la scienza dermatologica la crescita del pelo avviene nella fase di anagen che ha una durata da 2 a 6 anni e il tasso giornaliero di crescita è in media di 0,35 mm al giorno. In pratica il capello cresce da 1,2 a 1 cm al mese a seconda dei soggetti.

The METHOD line has an effect directly on the follicles thus increasing the regenerative capacity of the cells and, as a result, the hair’s longevity. This line of products takes advantage of the properties of Stem Cells of vegetable origin to delay aging and prevent hair from falling.

Right from the first application the hair appears stronger and healthier, and in the following 20 days of treatment new follicles already become visible.


The surfactants, found in most detergents on the market, (for example, SLS and SLES) are foaming substances that are “mixed” with fat particles (for example, the residues that accumulate on hair) and remove them, dispersing them when they are rinsed with water.

Up to this point all seems fine and well… but recent experiments in Germany have demonstrated that both the SLS and the SLES overly degrease the skin and hair, thus removing all of the natural defenses, and attack the hair follicles, causing the hair to fall precociously.


Foaming agents are not biodegradable and contribute to polluting our delicate ecosystem.

With Almahera you contribute to maintaining a cleaner world!