More and more men are taking care of themselves; they want to look good and be attractive. Statistics say that there is a constant increase in men who use health and beauty cosmetic products for both body and hair, without necessarily feeling any loss in masculinity.

BKA Italia, which is always attentive to the consumer’s changes and desires/needs, has designed a line of male products that looks to masculinity as its strong point. Sports are recognized with values that identify the vision of a man determined and competitive but never arrogant or aggressive; a man who considers his inner strength and experience, through sacrifices and commitment, the core values of his life.

All values that we want to hand down to future generations; values that can change the world if well communicated and passed on to the hearts and minds of young people who will some day be our future.

Like a good coach who prepares and shapes the hearts and minds of his athletes, preparing them for victory and defeat, teaching them that the defeat or victory is not important but how you win and how you can turn a defeat into an opportunity for growth by learning from mistakes, so too COACH FOR MAN prepares men for all situations that they will eventually face,both at work and during leisurely moments. To give him security and dignity through products that help him face every challenge with the same spirit that athletes face the competitive world;

This is the purpose of: COACH FOR MAN