Oxidizing emulsion stabilized cream 10/20/30/40 Vol.

Product Description

Oxidizing cream containing tonifying and soothing herbs, intended for use with oxidizing dyes and bleaches. It optimizes the technical results of the application, suits every type of cosmetic dye and is especially formulated for Biocolor cream dye.

Bottle 1000 ml

Bioetika recommended:

Bioxy 10 volumes for color tone on tone (Mix 1:1).

Bioxy 20 volumes for colorations after decoloration, to cover white hair and lightening for from 1 to 2 tones (Mix 1:1).

Bioxy 30 volumes to cover white hair and more brilliant colors, for schiariture 2 to 3 shades (Mix 1:1).

Bioxy 40 volumes for strong lightening superlightening mixture with 1 to 2, for bleaching up to 4/5 tones.


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